We got a lot of snow in February of 2019. Didn’t expect it to occur again this year, because that snow storm was unusual, and we normally don’t get more than a dusting/trace in a usual year. Also, snow storms are usually spaced out by years.

But here it is again. January 2020 winter storm. And, really what’s usual anymore.

Snow is beautiful. Fun to play in, calming to look at falling snow, peaceful to walk in… but it’s neither when driving in the snow. Fortunately highways and freeways were plowed and sanded. Neighborhood roads and some other nearby roads did not make it to the top of the priority list. Still, with some trepidation and some courage, I ventured out onto the icy roads and made it to work and back. Every now and then going at 20 mph on the freeway I took a glance around me and admired the beauty of snow around me ( No pictures, because I am not that courageous! )

Temperature has warmed up, and snow turned to rain. Most of the snow has washed away and almost everything is back to usual… well in a manner of speaking.

Snowy Garden
Hemlock dressed in snow