Springing with joy

The past few days I have been making sure that I spend time outdoors in nature. I am enthralled by seeing new buds on the trees, fall planted bulbs popping up, flowers starting to bloom and birds twittering.

I think of all these bulbs waiting to come up at just the right time. They bypass the little stones that stood in its way, pushing through and nudging their stem upward. I wonder if we can do the same…keep working and patiently wait for the right time, but not wait too long. Just like the tulips and daffodils know, now is the time to bloom and soon spring will pass into summer. Nature and Universe work together in this process that allows the bulbs, plants to grow and blossom. Seeing the blooms brings joy to so many people.

We are like that too…We have dreams, goals and there’s a time for us to work away on the dream, paying attention to growing all parts of it. With nurture, love and support we also have to wait for the right time, but knowing that when the timing feels right we should allow that dream to burst forth and propel forward. This realized dream of ours is sure to bring joy to many others as well.

What seeds of joy have you been sowing lately?


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