3 simple breathing exercises to do anywhere at anytime


1)      Breathing as a powerful de-stressing tool:

Several times a day fill your lungs with air deep into your abdomen through your nose. Exhale from your mouth until your lungs are empty.  Repeat this 5 times in a row.


2) Breathing as a way to encourage expansion of the lungs:

 Exhale all the breath that you can, drawing in the abdomen and forcing out as much as air as possible.  Make 2 or 3 attempts to force out still more and then begin to inhale.

Draw in all the air you possibly can, expanding first in the region of the abdomen, drawing back shoulders.  The air should come to the lowest part of lungs and this can be accomplished after the principal expansion begins in the abdominal region.


3) 4-square breathing


Inhale to count of 4

Hold your breath to the count of 4

Exhale to count of 4

Breathe normally to count of 4


Becoming mindful of your breathing can help you stay focused on the present moment in your life.  In any given moment it is your breath that brings you back to your  core being





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