Practicing Stillness

One of the most profound ways of getting to change old patterns is through inner stillness. Letting your mind relax and be still; Witnessing the thoughts instead of chasing them. Sitting quietly and enjoying what is there to be seen, in your environment, in nature. Turning down the volume of the outer world, so that the volume of your inner world can reset and be heard by you.

So how do you tune in to the stillness? You notice the space between your breaths, the pauses between your thoughts; notice the stillness of a clear sky. Notice the space between these words. Notice the sun light.You cultivate this stillness with practice.

Within the silence and stillness  is Relief from stress, anxiety, worries and attachments to control how life should be.

Within that stillness is the peace and inner wisdom that reconnects you to an open heart and a resilient mind.




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