A New Path

After a days worth of distractions finding my way back to my intentions requires an inner retreat. The path on that inner retreat is a friendly one. It welcomes me as I go inward. I breathe and recognize the thoughts that await for me. I welcome my emotions and know they are waiting for me. I smile. I choose to just sit and allow my thoughts and emotions to wait with me. I know I don’t have to do anything. I have the time to be still. When I have the urge to engage with my worries, I choose to gently let go of that urge. Wrapping that worrying thought as a present and setting it in a stream. I have done this before and I know it works. This time, the urge is stronger to hold on to the worry. I choose to not keep the internal struggle but to walk along with this present floating along. I am on a path alongside the stream. This is a new path for me.  I create the landscape of my path. My packaged worry floats along. The resistance and tension of holding on or letting go relaxes. My inner self is calm and I can clearly see the landscape I created.  For today, being with my worries is the same as letting go. Along the way I discovered a new path back into myself. Peace.



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