Feeling Overwhelmed? Remember the ‘RAIN’ mindfulness practice | Mindful

Feeling Overwhelmed? Remember the ‘RAIN’ mindfulness practice | Mindful.

Tara Brach, a Clinical Psychologist teaches this simple yet profound way of stepping out of reactive mode and stepping into a place where life can be lived with a sense of compassion and safety that everyone is looking for.


  • R   Recognize what is happening
  • A  Allow life to be just as it is
  • I   Investigate inner experience with kindness
  • N  Non-Identification with the experience.



Meditation has been a  technique for prevention and  a tool to relieve  several Emotional and Physical Conditions. Living with stress, anxiety, depression, and grief can take a toll on ones whole self.

Many times, when people are feeling overwhelmed they may be feeling alone and  isolated.

Taking time to Meditate gives yourself space to observe what is coming up for you, what thoughts are you allowing, How are you responding to those thoughts and are you being your own best friend? Its a small step towards embracing yourself and finding the courage the make the changes you need to. With continuous small steps back toward your core self, you find there is support to help you move forward in your life and you are not alone in your challenges.

Do you Meditate? What gifts have you discovered with meditation?











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