A Force That Drives Us

If you believe you can change, if you make it a habit-the change becomes real. This is the real power of habit:the insight that your habits are what you choose them to be.—-Power of Habit By Charles Duhig

In the Power of Habit by Charles Duhig, there are many examples of how habits shape behavior and how once we recognize cues establish new routines , we can receive rewards in ways that enhance our personal life, our work and our community.

All of us have habits that drive us towards or away from our goals. Where are your habits taking you?Is that where you want to go?

Just as we formed the habits we currently have, so can we change our habits and form new ones.

Is it simple to change a habit? Yes

Is it difficult t change a habit? Yes

Can it be done? Yes

Once you decide to change a habit, you have to experiment with what drives the old habit you want to change.

What are the cues? Why do you engage in the habit? What is the reinforcer? Is there another way to get the reinforcer, that is healthy and satisfies you?

Bringing curiosity into our lives is a healthy way to invite contemplation, test out new strategies, and fuel a force that lives within us. Choose your habits to move  you towards the goals you want to reach.

You can do it.

Yes you can.

Be well,


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