Living in Challenging Times

Recently, there was a shooting in a High School. There have been too many shooting in schools across the country and like my community members, I am deeply saddened about this.

As a person, I cried for the families who have been forever changed by this act.  As a parent, I already hug my children a lot, the hugs have lasted longer and more frequent. The fragility of life is palpable.

I am aware at many different levels, there is healing to be done for all the families affected;  For the families of the victims, the shooters family and the bystanders and their families.

I am also aware that the roots of violent behavior need to be dissolved and our schools need to be a safe place again. Our kids need to know they have the support of the adults so when they are going through their challenging moments they can turn towards the adults in their life and find the support they need in riding the wave of the challenging moments. Education about emotions, reduced access to guns, supportive adults and increased healthy coping skills will help us move towards cultivating peace everywhere.

Collectively, I believe we can make changes in this world. We have to advocate for all the different ways that will dissolve the roots of violence. We have to advocate for a peaceful life, home, school, community and world in all the ways we have come to believe in. Cultivating a compassionate and kind world is a universal responsibility that starts with each of us individually.



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