Cultivating Mindfulness

Jon Kabat Zinn says:

Mindfulness is about love and loving life. When you cultivate this love, it gives you clarity and compassion for life, and your actions happen in accordance with that.

This resonates for me and I believe that when followed, this action of cultivating mindfulness supports life in every way.

It supports life by helping us align our actions with our goals. We live with a sense of purpose and start seeing our life interconnected with others.Living mindfully removes the sense of separation that arises in our “busy” day to day tasks.
Being mindful also allows us to accept and be present to the emotions we experience. People who have intense emotions and don’t know what to do with those emotions can learn to observe the emotions and yet not act on them.
With mindfulness it is possible to experience emotions and yet not be carried away by the forces of the emotions.
Cultivating mindfulness brings many gifts and everyone who tries it notices the changes in their lives. I believe it is a lifestyle. It is a choice to live with a conscious awareness and the more we do it with practice and habit, we find ease and gentleness in moving through the trials and challenges, finding joy and being compassionate with others going through their own challenges.

3 thoughts on “Cultivating Mindfulness

    1. I read your post on meditation and thought the way you introduce the relaxation is lovely. Checking in with every part of ourself at the end of the day is a good practice.
      I have heard and thought of meditation as a way of listening to God/inner guidance and being relaxed is a key to listening.
      Keep up the writing and spreading this peaceful message!

      Best wishes,

      1. Remind that God is love. Love cannot explained by words, so to listen to utter silence is to listen to God and it is not as same as not to listen.

        Will keep posting. Thank you.

        Jade the Mystic

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