Free Range

About 8 years ago we introduced chickens into our backyard and our lives.  Initially, we wanted chickens for their fresh eggs. We had heard they were fun to have.  Little, did we know about their unique personalities and the lessons that they would be teaching.

As the years have gone by I have grown accustomed to gardening with the chickens around me.  Helping me dig as they scrape dirt for a tasty morsel, or waiting for me to leave so they can see what I have unearthed for their treats. They give soft clucks when they are happy. Some like to be picked up and held, others will quickly tell you with a disapproving cluck, they do not want to be picked up. They are persistent when it comes to searching for a worm or a bug. They will find ways to get to the place you don’t want them to go. Those tender lettuce leaves are much too tempting.

They come running up to the giver of kitchen food scraps and make those happy clucking sounds. We know its the food they want….. They will happily wander up to the door for some special treats or cluck loud enough for all to hear that they need to be let out at the first sign of dawn. They use their feathers to fluff up and share the warmth or fluff up and be so large that cat won’t think to approach them.

The lessons from observing chickens have been egg-cellent:

  • Giving and receiving can occur naturally,
  • Be persistent,
  • Show your happiness and gratitude,
  • Recognize danger,
  • Know when to provide comfort
  • Its alright if your feathers get ruffled
  • Be free to ask for what you need.



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