Flashing Neon Lights

Earlier today I read this quote and found it to be quite comforting. I also find it to be a wholehearted responsibility to follow one’s calling.

A calling is a sense that your very being is implicated in what you do. You feel that you fit into the scheme of things when you do this particular work. You have a sense of purpose and connection in the work. It defines you and gives you an essential tranquility. Toward the end of your life you may see all the jobs you have done as fateful, composing your life work and answering your calling.

~ Thomas Moore

Living a life of purpose takes trust.   Taking small steps or giant leaps towards ones life calling is a sign of trust.  In my gardening, I notice that when I sow seeds, there are no big flashing neon lights telling me the seeds are germinating, yet they sprout when the timing is right. I find that is much the same with ideas germinating in ones life’s purpose. As one step leads to another, in the direction of our calling, we find that a life of purpose is being fulfilled.

Wishing you flashing neon lights as you fulfill your purpose.



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