Setting Foundation

These days I am more aware of structures and foundations. Although I value the architecture of a building, what I am more interested in is the purpose of the structure and the foundation necessary for the structure.

I am also noticing the similarities between laying a foundation and building  life goals to building physical structures.

Each form of structure requires forethought, serves a purpose and fulfills a goal. Building structure prior to the creating a foundation would render the structure unsturdy.  So it is with life goals. Planning and timing matter in moving ahead with life goals.

The foundation can be sturdy, immovable or depending on the purpose, perhaps it is flexible, allowing for growth and change.  Preparation of the foundation brings the purpose of the structure to mind thereby keeping focus. Life goals require a focus and flexibility.

Given that the foundation of a life goal requires flexibility, we have to be focused on the goal and aware if the steps are taking us towards or away from the goal. The right materials and resources are necessary for setting an optimal foundation.

In most cases, a foundation remains unseen after the structure is built.  As it is with life goals, a large part of the foundation remains unseen.




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