Picking Blueberries

Since researchers discovered the nutritional qualities of blueberries, they have become the new superfood. I am all for blueberries being a superfood. Not because they found all the nutritional qualities… Thats a great bonus.

For me…just picking blueberries brings delight. Right there my mood is elevated. Popping a blueberry in my mouth and savoring it or eating a whole handful of blueberries all at once brings a smile to my face. Eating mindfully has its advantages.

Talking with friends or my kids as we pick blueberries, brings me comfort as we connect with each other and slow down our hectic pace.  Reduces stress in those moments making the day more relaxed.

When we come home with tons of blueberries, we use our favorite recipes and enjoy cooking and laughing together.  Those blueberries keep on giving.  Through the rest of the year in the autumn or winter months, taking out a bag of frozen blueberries brings back the warm memories.  This year we finished our last bag of frozen berries in May. Had to wait a couple of months for those fresh blueberries and the waiting was well worth it. Practicing patience.

I would still pick blueberries if they were not a superfood…and I admit …Its awesome that blueberries are packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin K, help to boost memory, ward of cancer and strengthen the heart among other benefits.




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