Life is all about perspective. What some people find stressful, others find motivating.

What disturbs people’s minds is not events but their judgements of events (Epictetus 100 A.D.)

Where a certain situation might invoke fear in one person, in another a sense of adventure is renewed.

In any given moment you have the choice of shifting your perspective. It is a choice. You are free to look at a situation in anyway you want to. With moment to moment awareness you can choose to focus on the situation from different points of view. Sometimes this different point of view is seen as a looking through a “different lens”.

Motivating factors to look at the same situation through different lenses is to have a more flexible approach to life; To create resilience to stress; To understand the situation in the bigger scheme of life.  What seems like an obstacle to your goals could be an opportunity to build a skill that helps you  move towards your goals.

I’ve learned that two people can look at exactly the same thing and see something totally different (Byron, Katie)




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