In The Moment

We all have the ability to point our inner compass  to happiness. Once the compass is set to recognizing happy moments you still have the choice to appreciate those moments or let them slip by. In order to strengthen the habit of experiencing happy moments, recognition is important.

There are a lot of things, thoughts, ideas, perceptions that seemingly get in the way of happiness. One of them is what we term “failing” or “failure”

Pema Chodron says  “We think of failure as something that happens to us. We either blame it on somebody else or some other organization — our boss, our partner, whatever,” she added. “Sometimes you experience it as heartbreak or disappointment. Sometimes it’s rage. But failure or things not working out doesn’t feel good. At that time, maybe instead of doing the habitual thing of labeling yourself a failure or a loser, you could get curious about what’s going on.”

This idea of being curious engages the observer mind where you observe what is going on with your emotions, thoughts and physically.

Pema Chodron goes on to say

“It’s a little hard to tell, actually, what’s a failure and what’s something that’s just shifted in your life in a new direction,”

Sometimes what we think is a failure actually turns out to be a blessing and other times what is seen as a success brings more challenges. However, when we choose to accept the experience without labeling it as success or failure, we give ourselves the time and space to recognize the treasures that align with inner happiness. Silent observation of the experience in itself can help us set and re-set our inner compass.

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