To Rekindle

Compassion itself is seen to be

The seed of a rich harvest, water for growth

And the ripened state of long enjoyment.

Therefore, at the start I praise compassion.

 By Chandrakirti

As the year ends and a new one begins allowing compassion to grace our mind and heart is a rekindling.

A lot of times it is easier to generate compassion towards those we don’t know, or towards friends. Extending compassion towards those who have seemingly harmed us is harder to do. Situations that brought us pain and heartbreak are harder to hold as cherished moments.

Cherishing moments that brought joy equally to those moments that brought heart break have something in common. They allow us to generate compassion for those who would like to experience joy and for those who have experienced heartbreak.

Compassion from the beginning to the end can bring peace and comfort through the ups and downs of life and continue to rekindle us to move forward.









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