Love Is An Infinite Power

Thanks for nominating me for the 3 Day Quote Challenge Suzy Barker


This morning the label attached to my tea bag read ” Love is an infinite power.”  Beautiful reminder for the day and just the theme for my  first day  of 3 quotes.



When we set aside our conditions of   when we will love, and what that love will look like and how others should love us we can begin to experience peace and happiness.

Love is the ability and willingness

to allow those that you care for

to be what they chose for themselves

without any insistence that they satisfy you.

~Wayne Dyer


There are a lot of obstacles to loving whole heartedly and many temptations to withhold love or step into fear. Loving fully means embracing the ups and downs and being present to the struggles. Its an act of courage at times, thinking of all the risks involved.

The act of loving unconditionally is freeing  ourselves and others out of limiting beliefs. In loving freely and unconditionally we choose to liberate ourselves and others

Image result for in the flush of love's light we dare be brave

Cultivating love in every way and every day is a mindful choice.


I am nominating the following three if they would like to participate in the 3 day Quote Challenge where you post 1 to 3 quotes for 3 consecutive days, nominating 3 people every day.





12 thoughts on “Love Is An Infinite Power

  1. Yes, but I never saw love as being unconditional because we need the freedom to love in our own way just as we want others to love in theirs. Is this not a condition? I love this write and am a huge fan of Angelou. When she passed the world lost a formidable force.

    1. Hi..thanks for your comment. I like these discussions…when I think of unconditional love it is recognizing a person is already worthy of love and ways will be…although their behavior or values may not be aligned with mine.

  2. Great definition of love…. Don’t you think it’s really a painful thing….?? Sacrifice is what is the most especial aspect if love…

    1. Hi, Thanks for commenting! Love is a risky emotion and I think its more painful to have not loved. In Alfred Tennysons words ” To have loved and lost is better than not having loved at all” 🙂

      1. like trust, faith and hope, I think love also gets tested…and I believe the ripple effects of love are far greater than anyone can fathom.

  3. How lovely and painful definition of love is…!!! Can someone love this way? Is loving someone like this will be reached to the other person someday?

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