Plan to Be



Some things/events  don’t go as planned.  In fact, the more plans we make, the higher the chances of them not going as expected. Along the lines of the saying that if you don’t make mistakes then you are not learning or doing new things. So,  its important to know what to do in the event expectations are not met. Leaving a project unfinished, walking away from a situation are options.

Sometimes though, its important to remember there are many ways to get to the same goal. If its truly important to you to figure out a way of making something work,  then reevaluate, be creative and design a new plan with what is there in the present. Some plans are easier to change and work with.  Some plans are difficult to let go of and that letting go becomes the path for a while.  If we can see all events as stepping stones towards a bigger plan, with the shift in perspective,  we can see the value in a detour, a set back can become just the needed pause in reevaluating direction, or strengthening a skill. I notice, the less focused I am about the result and more focused on  why I am doing something, the easier it is to navigate through the changes. In those times my being and doing are both intertwined. 20160331_143852.jpg






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