At a  recent trip to the Olympic National Rainforest I saw   the worlds largest Sitka Spruce.  Its really breathtaking to see such a tall and wide tree. I can  imagine by stretching my own mind on how far reaching and strong the roots of this tree are. The roots we saw on the surface are large, but as they go deep into the ground, how far might they spread and how interconnected they might be?   This tree has been growing for a 1000 years and sustaining life around it in multiple ways. We saw a bird going in and out of 1 of the knot holes and wondered if it had a nest in there.






8 thoughts on “Growing

  1. During a protest against a dam building in Tasmania, a 2,000 year old tree at risk of being lost became a focus for protesters. Locals wanted the dam built so chopped it down & dig it up & set fire to it. So much hatred shown. Only a tree but was special, a reminder of how transient our lives are so should make good use of them

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