Book Review

I recently read  “Super Genes: Unlock the Astonishing Power of your DNA for Optimum Health and Well Being” by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E. Tanzi. I received the book from Blogging For Books ( ) and am  posting my genuine review for the book.

I have read books and articles by both the authors before and really enjoy their individual works so I was interested in reading this book. This book is a combined effort from both their wholistic and research oriented perspectives.

The book is organized in sections which I found helpful, because I can go to any specific section for a a quick review. Section 1 includes research and some science behind making changes. Section 2 is about making the changes required for well being. Section 3 includes more research, and support to maintain the lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle changes offered by the authors, can be followed by easy, hard or experimental choices. The easy choices can effortlessly be incorporated into daily life and then the harder choices require a bit of a effort like adding or eliminating something from the diet and then the experimental choices require creating a lifestyle change.  Its all left up to the reader to decide, but there are many examples, so the reader trying the changes doesn’t have to go find examples.  Also the changes can be incorporated  at any rate that feels comfortable. The Lifestyle choices suggested, like diet, stress, exercise, sleep, meditation and emotions are interconnected in many ways and making changes in any one area reflects changes made in other areas.

Even if you are just thinking about making lifestyle changes, the information in the book can offer some information which can help you decide if those changes are necessary and if so how to make the changes.




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