Empty The Mind

Samsara, means repetitive existence. In Buddhism, it usually means the wheel of life and is used to refer to the day to the day unhealthy repetitions. With mindfulness we can observe how often  the mind clings and grasps to fear, judgement and wants to justify our point of view. When thoughts are allowed to run amok we start believing them.   Jack Kornfield describes this in his concept of the story telling mind.

Questioning ones thoughts are the core of Buddhist practice.   One way to let go of the mental suffering caused by thoughts is gently questioning the thought “is it true?” Stepping out of the constant story telling mind we can begin to see who we are beyond the story.

Our stories do not fully define who we are or what is happening to us ~ Jack Kornfield

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7 thoughts on “Empty The Mind

  1. I like this perspective. I’ve always thought of our stories as the definitions of who we are, while at the same time, as the authors of our lives, we have the power, through observation and choice, to change them.

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