A Time of Renewal

I enjoy Autumn as the leaves change colors. They are currently, red, orange, yellow and most of the leaves are letting go of the branches they were attached to. Its been raining a lot, so I guess, some are being forced to let go, but it was inevitable and their work is’nt done, because of all the composting and nourishing of the soil they have yet to do.Autumn trees

I have come to enjoy the beauty of autumn and see it as a refreshing change from summer. Autumn also heralds 1 of my favorite festivals. Diwali. So as the days get even shorter in October, celebrating this festival of lights is rejuvenating and heartwarming. Its a wonderful time for reflection, celebration and renewal of hopes and dreams.

In a world where there is so much unrest, It just seems so much more important to take a step back into reflection and assess what truly matters.





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