A Book Review: Habit Changers

Embracing mindfulness in all areas of life is a conscious lifestyle choice. M.J. Ryan in Habit Changers, affirms how goals can be realized mindfully. She affirms through several examples that habits which don’t serve us can be transformed through mindful practice of game changing mantras.

When people challenge themselves to grow personally they are likely to come across perceived or actual obstacles. M.J. Ryan addresses those attitudes and behaviors which can be changed with practice. She bases her game changing mantras as one would use slogans in Buddhism.

The book is organized in alphabetical sections starting with how to accept what is happening in ones life.  Other sections include how to get beyond anger, blame, conflict, fear while learning to prioritize, problem solve, becoming resilient and achieving work-life balance. There are 81 phrases and examples of how people successfully changed their habits.  Each phrase or game changing mantra can be practiced for as much time as one needs to move beyond a habit, attitude, feeling it takes to achieve success, happiness and peace in ones life.

Some of the phrases resonated with me more than others. For example, I am like the willow; I will not break is symbolic for me of those storms in life that turn ones world upside down, be it a life changing diagnosis, the death of a loved one, loss of a job and security.  Another one that resonated for me is “Reach for the better thought”. Once we become aware of our thoughts, we can choose to transform negative thoughts.  The shift from auto pilot negative thinking to conscious positive thoughts is akin to choosing happiness.

I received the book from Blogging For Books. I chose this book because I am curious about what books are out there that encourage mindfulness.  I enjoy reading about ways mindfulness can be integrated in all areas of life and genuinely found this to be a well written and inspiring book.




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