Shared Humanity

There are many ways to recognize our shared humanity.

For me it’s being present to life. Present to my experiences and bearing witness to others experiences.

Knowing that although you and I walk on the same planet, we have different experiences.

We can all experience joy and sorrow, love and fear, poverty and wealth, isolation and connection in any given moment. Because some of it may be an actual way of life and some of it a mindset.

Kindness and compassion ease suffering and regardless of our circumstances we are all worthy of being loved.

Each of us is part of the larger universe and we are connected in a million ways.



8 thoughts on “Shared Humanity

  1. Unfortunately there are far too many selfish and self serving people who have no humanity to share. So much hate in the world best exemplified with church bombings all over the world. Murdering people in and bombing a church. Just plain evil. In comprehensible.

    1. I hear you, Carl. I am saddened by the bombings and senseless killings around the world. To witness these atrocities leaves me speechless.
      I believe love and compassion need to be shared with more swiftness to tip the world towards unity and peace. Mindful presence is needed in thought, speech and actions. Namaste. ๐Ÿงก

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