Jan Brett Reads Cozy

Spring has arrived but because of Covid-19 we are stuck indoors or encouraged to be anyway.

Jan Brett’s stories have always been a favorite in our home, well especially when my kids were younger. We would snuggle up and read her books, admire her art work, find cute little animals and also learn a bit about the animals.

Even though my kids are quite a bit older now, when I saw this story, I shared it with them. They listened to the story and enjoyed it. It rang, just as sweet to them as her other stories did way back when. Made me happy that we can still share these precious moments especially while we are experiencing these challenging times globally.

Life has been altered for many people and for some its scary because of their underlying health issues, some others don’t see the need for such panic, and many have lost their livelihood as businesses close down. And really its not over yet.

I am familiar with that pull of fear, worry and anxiety. Thankfully I am also familiar with the pull of being prepared, hopeful and cultivating compassion and kindness. I know for sure that this latter pull leaves us empowered to help others and shelter each other.



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