The Gift of Presence

It may be when we no longer know what we have to do, we have come to our real work, and that when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey

Wendell Berry

I spent time in my garden this weekend. Some new plantings and landscaping and some of it was just good old weeding. My time in the garden is healing and renewing. It allows me to reflect on situations, and get in tune with nature. Although I can lose myself to gardening and forget about how much time has passed, I also find myself becoming more present and aware.

Life has always been fluid, and this pandemic has highlighted how life can change on a dime. There is a lot to be concerned about and it is easy to find ourselves immersed in the worry and anxiety of what we cannot control.

Jon Bon Jovi recently said “when you can’t do what you do, do what you can”. There have been so many examples of people and companies doing just that to help health care workers, neighbors and strangers. Kindness is more visible these days.

What we can do as life shifts today and in the days to come, is keep a clear mind, love in our intentions, faith in our steps and help each other out.

Stay well, stay safe.



9 thoughts on “The Gift of Presence

  1. I share your sentiments, Shobhna. Seeking the quiet, serene places that rejuvenate our soul is key in working through these challenges of the day. I can feel the peace of you in your garden. Thank you for sharing and for stopping by my site too. I hope we connect again. Love and hugs.

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