Every day, since the pandemic began, has been a painful day for so many people around the world. The end of year won’t automatically bring an end to the losses we have either experienced directly or witnessed.

Suffering has always existed amidst us. This might be the only time in our lives that suffering has existed globally at the same time. But still, although we have all been in the same health storm, clearly we don’t all have the same resources.

So, as I add this happy new year post, I do it with keen awareness that for many, happiness seems like it is in the distance. It’s been a tumultuous year.

For me personally, happiness is not always that exuberant feeling, but can also be that feeling of peace, comfort, kindness, and tenderness. Happiness can range from joy to satisfaction. It can be fleeting moments through the day or all day.

So- as we head into the new year, my wish for all of us is, may we all experience security, peace, love, good health and healing.

May we all have compassion for ourselves and each other when it seems overwhelming. May we all continue to move towards thriving.



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