Being present

Out of clutter find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. – Albert Einstein A window of opportunity exists in all difficult challenges. Opportunity for kindness, compassion, clarity, finding purpose, rest gratitude and anything else that you are wanting and needing. I believe what matters is that in difficult circumstancesContinue reading “Being present”


Every day, since the pandemic began, has been a painful day for so many people around the world. The end of year won’t automatically bring an end to the losses we have either experienced directly or witnessed. Suffering has always existed amidst us. This might be the only time in our lives that suffering hasContinue reading “2021”

Collectively Eliminating Racisim

We can not expect racism to miraculously disappear. Each of has a responsibility to eliminate it from society. It takes courage and vulnerability to do such a tough thing as racism is deeply rooted in our culture. The cost of not doing it is immeasurable, forever scarring and soulfully painful. With mindfulness of body, mindContinue reading “Collectively Eliminating Racisim”