To Rekindle

Compassion itself is seen to be The seed of a rich harvest, water for growth And the ripened state of long enjoyment. Therefore, at the start I praise compassion.  By Chandrakirti As the year ends and a new one begins allowing compassion to grace our mind and heart is a rekindling. A lot of timesContinue reading “To Rekindle”

In The Moment

We all have the ability to point our inner compass  to happiness. Once the compass is set to recognizing happy moments you still have the choice to appreciate those moments or let them slip by. In order to strengthen the habit of experiencing happy moments, recognition is important. There are a lot of things, thoughts,Continue reading “In The Moment”

Flutterings Of The Soul

Some people look forward to the holiday season and others look forward to getting through the season quickly. Instead of joy, there is anxiety and sadness for some people. Maybe you are one of those who dreads this season, or you know someone who does. Pema Chodron a buddhist teacher, talks about “having an itch,Continue reading “Flutterings Of The Soul”


Life is all about perspective. What some people find stressful, others find motivating. What disturbs people’s minds is not events but their judgements of events (Epictetus 100 A.D.) Where a certain situation might invoke fear in one person, in another a sense of adventure is renewed. In any given moment you have the choice ofContinue reading “Perspective”

Staying Connected

A source of comfort and joy is a sense of connection to self and those close to us. Gifts of healing lie in deeper relationships with friends and family. A greater gift is given to us when we find a connection to what truly matters. People with strong social networks live longer, are at reducedContinue reading “Staying Connected”

Glimmer of Hope

Out of the depths of darkness Comes a shimmering light Who knows from where the light came? Only the person who walked the path of darkness For on their path, they heard a beckoning A soft beckoning, A whispering of their heart, A reminder of what they always knew And a shimmering light with aContinue reading “Glimmer of Hope”