Heart Center

Swami Durgananda says, that the heart center is where “the inhalation comes to rest, beneath the breastbone, four to five inches below the collarbone” and allow yourself to be in this heart center and as you breathe in an out “let this center soften and widen ”

Feel what its like to be embraced by your own heart. If it feels awkward, try again and again until you feel kindness and compassion towards yourself.


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May is  National Mental Health Awareness month and National Meditation month.

If you put either of those in your search browser, there are a lot of tips on how to meditate and how to recognize and raise awareness of  mental health issues.  There is a lot of information on both meditation and mental health because they have deep rooted histories.

If we want mental health issues and related manifestations to be addressed we can take action by reducing stigma attached to getting help for mental health conditions. We can advocate for research and funding so people can access better resources for maintaining their mental health wellness. We can remove perceived and actual barriers to getting help from skilled mental health counselors , therapists, psychologists and other health care practitioners. A person does not need to have chronic mental health issues to get help. It can be situational and short term.  Mental health disorders can stem from physical ailments; they can be masked by substance use or come as a result of substance use;  Mental health issues and traumatic experiences can be related as well.  Support others to reach out to professionals if they need help. If you need help, you matter and your mental health matters. Reach out to trusted loved ones and your doctors, the crisis line in your area, and health care professionals.

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We know there are benefits of meditation and when used in conjunction with other wellness oriented therapies people can maintain physical and mental wellbeing for longer periods of time.  Among many of its benefits, meditation can reduce stress and increase resilience. There are many different forms of meditation, and so like with everything else, no one type fits all.  You can tailor it to your needs. Whether you choose to meditate for 5 minutes or longer, by walking, lying down or sitting, in the morning or at night, guided or on your own with a visual, it is an act of self care. Giving yourself time and space to quiet your inner self and the noises of the outer world can be a gift to yourself and others

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I haven’t been in my garden a lot lately.  But, today I spent some time digging and unearthing; Pruning and removing old growth. Finding tender blooms, worms, bees and promise of spring.

We have 3 chickens and they were out and about finding their own goodies. Every now and then, 1 would come by to see what I had found.

Grateful for the time to be outdoors and enjoy nature. To put my hands in cool soil,  to see the blooms and feel the warmth of the sun.

Blooming lung wort
Blooming hellebore
Brownie came by for a quick visit.




Aligning with Nature

Its that time of the year, and I cant resist marveling at the glorious colors that naturally occur. Soon the branches will be bare, and those too will look beautiful. But for now I am breathing in the beautiful hues of yellow, orange and red


Not edible, but certainly beautiful in its own way.
More beautiful yet poisonous mushrooms. I suppose not all thing that look wonderful are good for us.
Did you know that Kiwis are higher in Vitamin C than oranges and even lemons? There are a lot of nutritional benefits of Kiwis. As you eat this vibrant fruit, savor its inner glistening radiating patterns too


A slice of lemon in hot water can start or end a day beautifully.  It does not replace my coffee or tea intake, but drinking hot water with a slice of lemon has a renewing quality of its own. Hot water with lemon is a sure way to align with nature on any day.

Aligning with nature can bring inner balance and peace. It is from this place of belonging and connection that we can take actions  to bring peace to the world.

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread. Places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul  ~ John Muir






Contemplating Freedom

Looking into the notion of being free and interdependence.


Is it possible to be free

If with every action we impact others

whether today or in years to come

Knowing that those who came before us and

those who come after us

are relying on us and we on them

Is it possible to be free?