Awaken To Spring









After months of incessant rain, its a delight to see what is springing forth. I can’t help but marvel at how everything blooms just about the same time year after year.






Our annual visit to see the Trumpeter Swans happened a few weeks ago.  They are beautiful to watch and listen to.  Sitting and watching them is mesmerizing. Their soft vocalizations in the depth of quietude is like a gentle call of the soul.  There is beauty in the stillness that is unexplainable. There is joy in being witness to natures beauty.





Through The Lens


This purple hyrangea in my garden is actually a bold purple color. At different times of day, at different angles, the same camera lens reveals different colors and reflections.


Applying different perspectives to life situations can reveal the inherent beauty that lies deeper. Not always. Still its worth it sometimes because without a different perspective, we may let a moment of awareness slip by.





Over the past few years, its become a tradition of sorts to go and visit the  trumpeter swans as they migrate to nearby areas for a few months. They are so beautiful. This year we went on a cool day and watched them for a bit. As we sat  patiently and quietly, we heard their soft trumpeting.  The moment was simply breathtaking.  Although this visit was a couple of weeks ago, when I think back to that time,  I can hear their soft trumpeting, feel the crisp air and be in the stillness of the moment. Simple moments can bring immeasurable joy.





Happy New Year

As the year end approaches many people write goals for the new year. Do you?  If you are looking to make changes in your life, end of a year does provide a nice segueway to letting go of habits that no longer serve you.

Some people create vision boards, with pictures of what they would like to do or have in the new year. Maybe it is a cruise, maybe peace of mind, perhaps a successful career, time with friends, or outdoor adventures. Pictures can be placed on a poster board and decorated.  That vision board is then placed in a visible space so it can serve as a daily reminder. A way to stay focused, energized and motivated.

Some people write their goals, put them in an envelope and seal it. Open it in 6 months and see where they are with their goals and if anything needs readjusting. Others might choose to read their goals daily for a month and put their goals away for a few months until its time to check progress.

Some choose not to set goals, and carry on as before, making changes as needed.

Mary Oliver in her poem The Summer day leaves us with a poignant question that seems fitting when changes are being made…”what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

However you choose to move into the  new year, I wish you love, happiness and peace.