Choose You

In a loving and reaffirming way, Choose you It’s not selfish, I assure you, Make time for yourself For yourself do things, Set a goal that’s only for you Take a walk, a nap, treasure your time Make easy and difficult choices with good intentions that meet your needs Choose yourself daily Before you forgetContinue reading “Choose You”

Shared Humanity

There are many ways to recognize our shared humanity. For me it’s being present to life. Present to my experiences and bearing witness to others experiences. Knowing that although you and I walk on the same planet, we have different experiences. We can all experience joy and sorrow, love and fear, poverty and wealth, isolationContinue reading “Shared Humanity”

Happy Holidays

When I was a kid we celebrated Christmas with  family friends. They came over to our home for Diwali and we to their home for Christmas. I also attended a catholic school and we celebrated Jesus Christ and enjoyed nativity plays.  This was in Calcutta, India.  When we immigrated to the United States, our traditionsContinue reading “Happy Holidays”